Randall Hartsell

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Randall Hartsell's lyrical style of composing motivates and inspires students of all levels and ages. A native of North Carolina, Mr. Hartsell began taking piano lessons at the age of 12. Because the Hartsells didn't own a piano, he practiced for one hour each day after school at his aunt and uncle's house. After a year, his parents purchased a piano.

Randall Hartsell began composing for piano in high school. The pieces were often based on the literature he was studying in English class. He also accompanied the high school choir and wrote pieces for some of their radio broadcasts.

Mr. Hartsell's love of music led him to study it in college, but he did not study composition until his senior year. After graduating from East Carolina University, he began teaching in a small town and started composing again. In the early 1980s Hartsell's meeting with Lynn Freeman Olson encouraged him to send his music to publishers.

Mr. Hartsell's first publication with Alfred was the popular three-book series entitled Something Special (1990). Over the years, more than 60 of his collections and solos have been published.

Currently Mr. Hartsell lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is active as a teacher, composer, accompanist, soloist, clinician, adjudicator and church organist/conductor.

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