Music Wondeful Music Curriculum

All students ages 8 through adult:

I am pleased to be able to offer the Excellence in Music course. This course is a 7-volume work. Each volume contains 12 audio cassette tapes and one workbook.

The course covers lessons in music history, practice skills, technic, sight singing, melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic dictation, modes, how to perform and deal with performance anxiety, composition, the lives and works of the great composers, musical style, musical form, and analysis. Students will even learn how to conduct music and prepare a score.

Each volume contains 6-10 months of instruction. It starts at the beginning and moves a student to an advanced level of musical understanding.

All students in the recommended age group are encouraged to sign up for this program. In order to participate please plan on staying at the studio an additional 30 minutes weekly. You may stay either before or after the lesson, as this course is entirely self directed. Students will listen to the tapes weekly on our headphones, & then answer the questions in the corresponding workbook. Although students will be receiving almost double their lesson time- there will only be an additional $3.00 weekly fee- or $30.00 per semester. The workbook is also an additional $16.00, & may be paid at the beginning of the semester.

The knowledge gained from working through this course will enable all students to:
learn their pieces faster
come to their lessons better prepared
gain a near college level music education at a fraction of the cost
become intelligent, well rounded musicians
learn in an enjoyable, self-directed approach in a sequential course of instruction.

This course is offered in private studios and schools in five different countries. Hope that you will enjoy it!

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