Information about the Instructors

Mrs. Joanne Barnaba

     Mrs. Joanne Marie Barnaba established Joanne Marie's School of Piano in 1975 in upstate New York. This large private music school is still in existence and continues to serve the Central New York area.
     My education includes a Bachelor of Music Degree (cum laude) from the Crane School of Music, Potsdam, N.Y., with a concentration in Special Education Music, Major instrument -Piano. I received my Master of Science Degree from the SUC at Cortland, N.Y., with permanent teacher certification. In Clinton, N.Y., I established a National Guild of Piano Teachers Guild Center, and served as Chairperson for many years. I have recently established a new National Guild of Piano Teachers center in Lake Wylie, SC. I am also a faculty member and adjudicator for the Guild, as well as being permanently certified, and a member of their Hall of Fame. I have also completed professional workshops and training in Kindermusik and am licensed and certified to teach Kindermusik Village, Our Time, Growing with Kindermusik, and Kindermusik for the Young Child.
    I have attended many workshops on piano pedagogy including those of Dennis Alexander, Dr. Willard Palmer, Amanda Vick Lethco, Jane Smisor Bastien, James Bastien, Robert Vandall, Walter and Carol Noona, David Carr Glover, Maurice Hinson, and Mayron Cole.
    I have written an article on Adult Piano Study for Keyboard Companion magazine. Also, I have written two articles on piano teaching for Clavier Magazine, as well as an article on music for Piano Guild Notes Magazine.
    I am a member of the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum and the National Guild of Piano Teachers.
    Research indicates that children studying music show marked improvements in other subjects as well. My curriculum is designed to give students a complete picture of music through lessons and to develop lasting musical skills!

Mr. Dan Barnaba

    Mr. Dan Barnaba has a music education degree in progress at Winthrop University, with a concentration in Jazz Guitar. He currently instructs all percussion/drum, guitar, saxophone (along with most beginner-to-intermediate piano) students for the School of Piano. Mr. Barnaba often composes and arranges for full orchestra, and is actively involved in recording, mixing and mastering various musical projects. His work has appeared on two CDs, one featuring some of his earlier orchestral works, and the other his participation as an alto saxophone player in the Winthrop University Symphonic Band.
    Mr. Barnaba tends to take a relaxed yet focused approach to music studies, and has achieved extraordinary results with students aged anywhere from 3 to 60.
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