Friday, April 24th, 2009

Piano students of Joanne Marie’s School of Piano, Mrs. Joanne M. Barnaba, and Mr. Dan Barnaba, instructors, recently participated in the new National Guild of Piano Teachers audition center at River Hills Community church in Lake Wylie, SC. The event was held on Friday, April 24th, 2009.

Students received Local, District, State, & National honors, and have become members of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians. Students memorized and performed from 2- 10 memorized pieces each.

Students participating included: Caroline Chiaroni, Grace Mooney, Mary Katherine Mooney, Dae Bigach, Raeann Thomas, Mirie Ahn, Meghan Frick, Nick Henson, Kathryn Clark, Alex Wilson, Christos Karamitros, Harry Snow, Michael Gore, Saajan Patel, Aaron Klazinga, Joanna Klazinga, Justin Klazinga, and Abigail Klazinga.

Adjudicator for the event was Mrs. Maureen Penix from Taylors, South Carolina.

In Picture: Guild Judge Maureen Penix, and the Klazinga family: Abigail, Justin, Joanna, and Aaron, all National (10 piece) programs.

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