National Guild of Piano Teacher Auditions

April 11, 2008

The National guild auditions were held at River Hills Community church in Lake Wylie on Friday, April 11th.. Adjudicator for the event was Sue Trosdale from Mississippi.

Guild students who participated in 2008 included:
Lindsey Applegate---EC- State , Joanna Klazinga---EE- National, Dae Bigach---EE- District, Justin Klazinga---EE- National, Shealy Bigach---ID- District, Grace Mooney---ED- District, Caroline Chiaroni---IA- District, Mary Katherine Mooney---ED- District, Michael Gore---EC- Local, Saajan Patel---EC- National, Julie Hudson---PA- National (9) Catherine Smithson---EF- National, Aaron Klazinga---ED- National, Raeann Thomas---ID- National


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